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i am so uncomfortable and afraid right now
we have reached tumblrspeed
god help us

This was a short story I submitted for a Flight Rising contest, and it didn't make it. which means you get it here WOO
Today the Flameforger’s Festival reaches its end, as indicated by your handy clock- which just might be one day late anyway, but you roll with it. You’ve been hunting for months without end, and today your prize lies right before your eyes.

Booleans are rarely seen around this time of the month. Or any time of the month, to be honest. They are elusive little creatures! It’s extremely rare to see one in the wild.

You were exceptionally lucky in this find. You fail to notice that you are currently shaking feverishly, mainly because your mind is drifting to other thoughts. You are so excited to bring this fine specimen back to your clan- Oh, the Boss will be so glad about this! Bringing pride to your flight. And your clanmates were saying you were a lost cause- ha! Jokes on them. Who’s the loser now, huh?

“Them,” you whisper bitterly. “Them, and the thousands of other dragons who tried to one up me.”

Your words reek of acid, each letter of that sentence filled with the hatred accumulated during the time period spent fighting monsters and completing the mind-wrecking challenges that crossed your path.

Perhaps you felt a little uneasy at the beginning of this journey, but not today. Today, you win. This long, exhausting game of hide and seek has ended, and you reign victorious over everything and anything that ever tried to stop you.

Especially this little bugger.

This Boolean, which you nicknamed Truco after the word “Trick” in some language you found in the Hewn City, had been teasing you during the last two months. Running through the flight domains, putting you through all sorts of trouble. You still have the bites of when it tricked you into a nest of Fire Ants. You can still visualize its little smug face, even though that was long ago.

Just the thought of it made you want to smash its body into pieces. But no. You had better plans. Bigger, better plans.

You do nothing but stare at the boolean for a silent, unending moment, like if your mind was still unable to process your sacred find, even though you have a solid 8 minutes contemplating it. But let’s take this from the top. Before you do this, you need to do something. You need a plan.

You had practiced every single technique, studied every single possible scenario, and packed every single item that you would need in case it tried to run away. Your Snapper friend was more than glad to help you with this; you just had wished the process had been faster; just seeing her walk around in the slowest manner possible was tiring for you. At least you got the information you wanted, and you thank her for that.

But still, you’re standing there like a total doofus. Even though the familiar was bigger than expected, you think you can probably do it anyways, even if you are barely a meter tall.

Oh wait, what was that? The plan? Oh yes, the plan! How did you manage to divert yourself from it? We just don’t know.

Okay, from the top. “First things first, Booleans are only aggressive if attacked, so it’s best to get the upper hand” you say, unaware that you are speaking your thoughts out loud. “It’s best to get them from…”

As you try to remember this fact, you come to a striking conclusion: you do not have a single idea of the safe way to catch the Boolean.

The insect, which was still seemingly unaware of your presence, even if you were shaking like a 3.0 earthquake in the Earthshaker Scale, turned around in the opposite direction of where you were currently standing. It made for a perfect approach; you only had to get moving.

“Come on, dude, snap out of it!” you think to yourself in a desperate attempt to focus on the situation. You can’t stand in the Highland Scrub forever. Well, you can, but the possible state of your body in that situation would be least desirable. You were not really a fan of being covered in piles and piles of dust, to be forgotten, or even used as a subject. But alas, that is the way of it.

You begin to walk towards it. As you get closer and closer, your insecurities and fears resurface back from the very start of the trip, to the point that you might as well be backing away without being fully aware. What if it tricks you again? Are you not good enough?

Compared to most, you were incredibly unqualified for this. You had no equipment, no experience, and you were probably the worst at the business- hell, even other, more renown dragons had caught Yetis with their bare claws. You were the worst person for the job, but-

No, no pessimism today. You are going to catch it, and that’s it. This was a dream for you, and you are only three feet away from it. If only-

As you pull off your inspirational speech, someone cuts you off. A Coatl of relatively large and bulky proportions compared to your feeble body snags the unsuspecting Boolean, and the bee- you mean, Truco, starts wrestling with the female predator in order to break free, kind of like a Wetland Vampire in a Guardian’s mouth-

No, scratch that. That is the worst metaphor you could say for that situation, stop that.

You quickly erase that thought, and you and the reader decide to never speak of this again. No, I don’t care how you feel about the matter. This is done.

Or at least, you agree to forget about it. You really cannot make something “unhappen”. You would have to be a really skilled Arcane dragon for it, and as we both know, magic is fake as shit.

Anyway, where were we? Oh right, wrestling.

As you see this happen, you shout something. You are not really sure what, as right now you are blinded by your ambitions, greed, and perhaps, a bit of selfishness. You join in the fight, and something did not go according to your plan.

You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

You run right into the tip of the stinger, and as you notice this, your arms feel weak as you see the blood flowing from the hole in your stomach. You stumble away in shock, pulling the huge stinger out of the Boolean, and it collapses immediately on top of you.

Oh right, they can’t live with those. Tiny facts make a difference.

As you lay there with the boolean, eyes getting heavier and extremities no longer to be felt by you, you can’t think of anything poetic to say, like most do. You don’t have a big poem like most dragons. You don’t think of death like that, and your mind drifts back to the hole in your chest, and you stare at it just for a few seconds before your world goes black.

As your adversary and you finally accept what is happening, only a word hits you. A sole, meaningless word would be the first and last thing the Coatl would ever hear from you.


The Boolean only gives a faint beep, or a buzz, of agreement before it leaves the world. The color fades of its body and only a faint shade of green is left. At this point, your lips taste insipid.

The legend is gone. And partially, it’s your fault. No one will ever see those beautiful strings of code born from an unlikely mistake, a mistake that was miraculous to say the least.

The scenery painted red, the Coatl flees and leaves you there, in the vast plains of the Highland Scrub.

As you take your last faint, hurried breaths, your last weak heartbeats, your last seconds in this solitary world, you take a second to think about something.

For the best or for the worst, perhaps you got what you wanted.

Truco is yours, forever, in the existential plane far beyond dragon comprehension, even for the most advanced dragons. Perhaps no one will hear your story, and you will lay there to rot forever, as you feared. But even if that happens, it is yours, and it’s your little secret.

Perhaps someone will take the dead Boolean somewhere else, turn it into strings of code, take the body away from you and leave you with the dust of the desert, where no plant or animal or anything will pity your existence. Not even the gods weep, as you are just a mere peon for their game. Compared to them, you were worth existentially nothing in relation to the beast you just took with you.

But you don’t care. That’s the way of it, anyway.

And you like it that way.

Bit.Trip by FieryTheQuilava
more like ACID TRIP

Bit.Trip @ this guy
Character is what you are in the dark by FieryTheQuilava
Character is what you are in the dark
I have no idea what im doing

I was drawing a normal person but then I whoops





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